The Mission

Design Reality LLC is a rapidly growing company whose mission is to expand its community and fortify opportunities for the immersive tech ecosystem. Design Reality dedicates itself to fostering education, collaboration, and investment for its community. It achieves this mission with the purpose of inspiring creativity in the drive to keep technology human and to influence the national culture to join in its vision.


our Team


Joshua Alan Young

Founder and CEO

Joshua first realized his love for technology after getting grounded by his parents at the age of 11 for taking apart the family computer. For the record, he put it back together, and it was totally worth it.

Taking a nontraditional path towards success, Joshua has been a freelance developer and serial startup entrepreneur for nearly a decade. With a passion for Chinese tea and internal martial arts, he channels his focus and creativity to bring an artful touch to his work.

This is reflected in his passion for life and building community. It was with that in mind that he founded Design Reality and grew it to over 3,500 members, with the intention of putting Portland on the map as a major hub within the AR/VR industry.


Nisha Burton


Nisha has always had a deep love and passion for storytelling. With that passion, she uses her degree in Digital Arts and Film to work as a professional creative in design, marketing, film making, and more.

The world of immersive technology was a natural next step for her into the virtual worlds. She is fascinated to see how the development of XR technologies will aid in a deeper level of engagement and storytelling potential.

With 12 years of experience in film production, editing, and graphic design Nisha stays attuned to all the current trends in marketing, design, and the interactive media arts.