VR Creation Contest with STYLY

Design Reality is excited to be partnering with STYLY to run a local VR content creation contest in conjunction with STYLY’s Global Contests!

The theme is around Artistict Expression with a focus on culture, art, and music. Contestants need to sign up to STYLY, for free, and create/publish a VR scene.

Learn more about the NEWVIEW Global Awards 2018, which contestants of the local contest can get automatically submitted to.

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1st Place:

2nd Place:


Jessica Outlaw

Kent Bye



1)Create VR contents on STYLY and publish.

We are calling for VR content works in the fields of culture and art that utilize the creative VR platform STYLY.

Submissions that use additional tools in the production process, such as 3DCG, game engine, DAW, etc., are permitted however all submission must be made through the STYLY platform. Works that have already been announced may also apply.


a)Create your free account on STYLY.
How to make your account on STYLY

b) Create VR works using STYLY. 
How to make and publish contents

2)Prepare your submission


①URL of your work *Required
The URL of your work is the URL which you get after clicking ‘Publish’ on STYLY.
URL example: http://gallery.styly.cc/colliu…

②Screenshot of your work *Required (more than 1 shot)

※Accepted image formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG
※Recommended image size is around 10MB

③Explanation text *Required (200 words) 
Please include a detailed explanation of the concept of the work and, tools you used.

④Your Profile *Required
1.Creator’s name(Maximum 30 characters in English)
2.Country of residence (In English)
3.Name of the representative (In English, required field in the case of a group/company entry)
4.Email address
5.Applicant profile/Brief Biography (In English, recommended, maximum of 200 words)

⑤About using songs 
The songs “NEWVIEW 1” and “NEWVIEW 2” provided by Hideki Matsutake can be used in your piece. If they are used, please check “used” on the application form.

⑥Video URL (Less than 5 min)*Optional

This is not mandatory but if you have a video introducing your submission (no more than 5 minutes), please upload it online and share the URL.

If privacy settings are set so as to require a password for viewing, please be sure to include the password on the entry form.


Fill out all the above information on the follow Google Form. Please also select if you would like to be automatically entered into the Global STYLY contest for a prize of up to $20,000!

Submit you work here!
(Requires Google Signin for Photo Uploads)