Social VR: New Opportunities to Form Connections

At our November Design Reality event, High Fidelity, the Social VR Platform, sent out their Engineering Team Lead Liv Erickson to share about the new opportunities to form connections within social VR.

In the context of social VR, we are presented with new opportunities to form connections with the people sharing our digital spaces. Designing these experiences requires careful considerations in anticipating the ways that users can form bonds, but also how bad-faith actors can take advantage of social environments to cause harm. In this talk, Liv will discuss how balancing these considerations sits at the root of immersive content development, focusing on lessons learned from creating different social experiences in High Fidelity.

Liv Erickson is an open source VR developer and Engineering Team Lead for Content and Prototyping at High Fidelity. Previously, she worked at Microsoft as a virtual and augmented reality developer evangelist for HoloLens and Mixed Reality. She is the creator and host of Just A/VR Show, a web show for aspiring VR and AR developers, and the author of the book Entering the Metaverse. Liv blogs regularly about XR and is the cofounder of the VR educational nonprofit ARVR Academy. She is passionate about making immersive technologies accessible to everyone, and teaching new developers how to create their own VR & AR experiences.

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