Studying Women’s Experiences in Social VR

Jessica Outlaw came to our November 2017 event to share her behavioral research project on the experience of Women in Social VR.

Females in social virtual reality get unwanted attention, which is a barrier to widespread adoption. How might we learn more about female users in order to make Social VR appealing to all?  Jessica Outlaw and Beth Duckles will share results from their qualitative study of women in social virtual reality and their recommendations for all tech creators.

Jessica Outlaw, M.S., is VR/AR experience researcher and founder of Data Driven LLC. Trained as a behavioral scientist, she uses qualitative and quantitative research methods to strategize and test experiences. She blogs at “The Extended Mind on how changes in the body and the environment influence the way that users think, feel, and behave in VR. She received her B.A. in Sociology from Scripps College and her Masters from U.C. San Diego.

Learn more about Jessica’s work, The Extended Mind, and read the full results of the study: