Nygilia McClain

Nygilia McClain is a New Yorker and Mixed-Media Artist that is inspired by her passion from basketball and journey into Afrofuturism. Nygilia is motivated by storytelling, diving into her new and ever growing love for culture and perspective. She wants to help create different forms of art, blending styles of 2D and 3D within black culture representation. Her VR styled short-film, “Vanity”, focused on the exploration of Afrofuturism and creating unique worlds. As an artist, she is involved in creating NFTs that revolve around futuristic styles and wants people to feel the surrealism in her work. Nygilia continues growing in VR/AR/XR and combining her storytelling experiences for project and film progression.  
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A piece that embodies the lost imagination within my dreams. Covid-19 and lockdown have restricted my chances of interacting with friends. Since coming back to America from England, it has been a long time since I saw anyone from home. When I made this, my mind wandered. I felt like what I missed most was being in physical and emotional presence with an old connection. The countdown to eternal truths. That we are only human and want to feel a part of something special.


I created a 3D model using an iPad app called Putty. Next, I created a unique 3D painting in a VR program called Google Tilt Brush. Then, I bring both files into Procreate to blend and create interesting layers. Finally, the art gets finalized into Photoshop and exported.


Final Fantasy gaming series (The relationship of characters, culture, and society)


The art is part of one of my earlier pieces when I entered the NFT space. I hope to continue the mixed-media translation in combination with VR/AR/XR programs.


 Inspired by Rihanna “Loud” album, I wanted to create a universe within a black woman. Showcasing perspective of different identities, culture, and beauty. I believe this piece also represents spirituality and connection because we all have something deeper within ourselves. We all have something waiting to be unlocked or released.


 This was a combination of Photography (Stock Image from “Pexels”), Procreate, and Google Tiltbrush. I then collaged the layers together and added some digital painting effects.


 “S&M” is one of my favorite pieces because it brings me nostalgia to Rihanna’s music. My first years after high school and just discovering myself as an artist. It really took a long time to find my calling and I’m still growing with each moment. 


This art is very influenced by my love for anime storytelling. Between character design and cultural influence, I love combining different forms of ethnic features, in relation to Afrofuturism. As a storyteller, I am deeply motivated by the works of Hayao Miyazaki and his “Studio Ghibli” productions. His films, Princess Mononokee and Spirited Away both embody a sort of surrealism between humanity and empathy. This is a beautiful approach in cultural understanding and something I deeply value as an artist. For “MuraiSaki”, I wanted to create this feminine afro-inspired spirit from a far away vision. Her hair is filled with universal power, glowing above her Geisha-like body.


This was a Photo-illustration, combined with Procreate and layers of cropped VR paintings from Google Tiltbrush. I mainly focused on the liquify tool in Procreate to help bring the whole work together. Unifying the elements.


This character design is another one of my favorites because it’s quite unique to the rest of my collection. For me, it hints at my appreciation for anime in a creative way.


NFT Collection “Luscious Life” Available from May 31st, 2021.

Collection can be seen on both Open Sea and Foundation. Exclusive pieces only available on Foundation.

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