AR and the Future of the Web with Anselm Hook

This is the first in Design Reality’s “Interesting People Podcast” where we speak with Anselm Hook about what the Future of the Browser is going to look like and the role AR will play in that.

Anselm is putting on a conference about the Future of the Browser May 26th 2021, get tickets for this exciting event here:

Anselm Hook is a multidisciplinary developer who has worked on multiple XR startup projects, including being involved in a Samsung Accelerator. He’s worked with teams of artists, programmers, and Computer Vision experts whose focus was in building a design grammar for UX in AR. He has been a mentor at the MacArthur Foundation-funded Producers Institute for New Media Technologies and at Sundance New Frontiers Story Lab. In the past, he has worked at Xerox Parc, and most recently he was in the R&D for the Mozilla Emerging Technologies Group focused on XR.

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