HoloKit SDK

byBotao Amber Hu, Yuchen Zhang, Sizheng Hao

HoloKit SDK

HoloKit Unity SDK

HoloKit is an optical see-through mixed reality headset that transforms your iPhone into a powerful stereoscopic AR device. With the HoloKit Unity SDK, developers can create immersive AR experiences in Unity, which can be viewed with HoloKit headset.

The SDK currently provides three core features:

  • Stereoscopic Rendering
  • Hand Tracking
  • Hand Gesture Recognition

Stereoscopic rendering is the central feature of the SDK, allowing for the display of stereo images on the iPhone screen. By attaching your iPhone to the HoloKit, you can enjoy a captivating AR experience. Utilizing [Apple Vision framework](https://developer.apple.com/documentation/vision?language=objc, the SDK detects user hand poses. Together with LiDAR depth sensor, it allows your iPhone to track the 3D positions of the user's hands. Furthermore, the SDK can recognize hand gestures such as pinching, serving as a trigger for specific operations in your project.

The SDK offers a built-in video recording feature which allows the user to record videos under both screen AR mode and stereoscopic mode.

HoloKit Unity SDK, built on the foundation of ARFoundation, is compatible with most ARFoundation features such as image tracking and plane detection. Upgrading your ARFoundation project to a stereoscopic AR project is straightforward with the HoloKit Unity SDK.

How to Install

You can install HoloKit Unity SDK from the following git URL in Package Manager:


or by directly adding the following line to the Packages/manifest.json file.

"io.holokit.unity-sdk": "https://github.com/holokit/holokit-unity-sdk.git"

For more details, visit the GitHub repository above.