HoloKit X

2019 - 2023

byBotao Amber Hu, Yuchen Zhang, Sizheng Hao, Yilan Tao, Xiuhua Tang


HoloKit is an award-winning open-source Mixed Reality (MR) toolkit that transforms your smartphone into an affordable optical see-through augmented reality headset designed for spatial computing enthusiasts. It aims to serve as the Mixed Reality equivalent of Arduino, offering a cost-effective alternative to feature-rich but expensive options like Vision Pro and HoloLens. HoloKit X is an optical see-through mixed reality headset launched in 2022. It has received the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award, representing a high-quality enhancement from our original concept, HoloKit 1 — a cardboard prototype introduced in 2017.

This toolkit is ideal for hackers, designers, and artists interested in hands-on spatial computing projects, such as combining the Internet of Things with mixed reality, thanks to its open-source nature. It's also beneficial for students learning mixed reality development on a budget, as well as for researchers who wish to customize their setup and fully utilize Apple's ARKit for immersive, multiplayer experiences. Furthermore, museums and exhibitions can use HoloKit to offer mixed reality experiences to large audiences, taking advantage of its affordability and adaptability.

HoloKit was created by Botao Amber Hu and is currently maintained as an open-source project by Reality Design Lab.


iF Design Award 2024, Gaming/VR/AR, Winner[→]

Red Dot Award 2023, Product Design, Winner[→]

Core77 Design Awards 2023, Emerging Technologies, Runner Up[→]

Webby Awards 2023, Technical Achievement / Metaverse, Immersive & Virtual, Nominee[→]

SXSW 2023 Innovative Design Award, Nominee[→]


Media: Headworn AR

Technologies: HoloKit Headset, Unity3D, Multipeer Connectivity

Research Topics: Democratizing Access to Mixed Reality, Collocated Mixed Reality


Concept Designer: Botao Amber Hu

User Experience Designer: Yilan Tao

Interaction Engineer: Yuchen Zhang

Technical Artist: Sizheng Hao

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