Cell Space


byRem RunGu Lin, Botao Amber Hu


"Cell Space" is an interactive art experience that integrates collocated augmented reality, neurofeedback, and contact improvisation, challenging the conventional boundaries between audience and performer, and blending the physical with the virtual, organic with technological. Inspired by McLuhan's concept of media as an extension of the human body and Rowland's notion of extended internal awareness, alongside The AR Art Manifesto's vision of 'we becoming the Media,' this project reimagines participants as dynamic cells of a shared bio-digital ecosystem within the built environment. This immersive experience expands the concept of intercorporeality, moving beyond mere physical interaction to a shared bio-digital domain, thereby fostering a deeply interconnected environment of Human-Machine-Space Symbiosis. The paper contributes to the discourse on immersive and interactive performance art by presenting a systematic approach for the development of such integrative artworks, offering insights for future artistic inquiries. Ultimately, "Cell Space" serves as a reflective mirror to the potential futures of our increasingly interconnected existence, encouraging participants to explore a transformative landscape that resonates with the complex interplay between their physical and digital identities and their surroundings. diagram.

diagram 3.



Media: Headworn AR

Technologies: Multipeer Connectivity, Unity3D, HoloKit Headset

Research Topics: Collocated Mixed Reality, Intercorporeality


Concept Designer: Rem RunGu Lin

Interaction Engineer: Botao Amber Hu

Interaction Designer: Botao Amber Hu

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