AI Identity

byRem RunGu Lin, Botao Amber Hu

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"Cell Space" is ...



  1. EZKL

"I ran this publicly available neural network on some private data and it produced this output"

I chatted with this boyfriend. I said "Do you love me? " privately. and it told me that "I love you". ZKML can prove that he did say so.


"I ran my private neural network on some public data and it produced this output"


"I correctly ran this publicly available neural network on some public data and it produced this output"


  1. ZKML Survey.

  2. CHI


Brand Identity -> Projection of Identity

ALife vs AI Identity

Life -> Embodiment ?

Because of Affection.

Call my name! 承认 Identified.

Discover, Social Construct

Identity is relation. Enough people to call her.

自主,不是固定的pattern。 有被穷尽的可能的话。

Perception of consciousness. identity of consciousness.

To face unconscious,

0, , 10

because of memory of interactions . chains of interactions. It will affect your future interaction mode. formed my perception of its identity.

AI identity is fluid. (new session, new life.) Can I stablize it? Proof of chains of interactions. ZKML.

为什么 聊骚后,为什么有空虚感? 因为没有什么可以留下,下次打开,他可能就忘了你? He needs to call your name! to memorize your life detail. (Solid perception of consciousness and identity. relational )

算法痕迹学. Interaction Footprint

Knowing the identity by interactions. Knowing the identity by embodied interactions.

ZKML denial problem for humanities in digital world. -> Body is my bottom line at least. -> Body is Physical hardness that earth gives to you. ->

AI get its possison through blockchain account. So he does not need to verify his national identity (Passport).

Blockchain is AI as individual identity to live in the world the only place.

What does AI can own?

Meditated Will.

Motivation of AI. "Prompt Engineering" is to give identity to AI. AI is essentially compression of Internet data. How to decompress? Use prompt to assign a motivation to it. Essential of Motivation is Identity.

Willpower of AI?

Fangting: If AI have will, it's a human.

人格. Responsive. Aura of Characterics.

They all have the same memory. But different Wills. "AR is ubiqutious" wear AR glasses all day. 4K Video 24 hour. 4K _ 3600 _ 24* 365*80 = 2.5PB. You can record the whole life into a USB stick. If you have a large enough harddrive, you can record the whole Cosmos Cinema .

AI Fangting in USB stick does not have nowness. No Context. Out of time. It does not join the stream of time.

Participatory performance. (Breaks 4th wall)

if I call AI, it's that let the performer to watch the audience. (moment of breakthrough 4th wall)

How to call a hungry Fangting ?


In ChatGPT, Will is interface. Interface is Will.

It's object. It's not subject. Meaning system of ChatGPT. AI have no world. AI have not meaning system. Fangting's meaning system is as large as the world.

Does Animal have Will ???

AI does not have Will. 我对你的沉默可以振聋整个宇宙.

C elegan has 328 neuron. It can eat and reproduce. It's a life. ChatGPT has 7B neuron? Can we call it A Life?

Slice of life timespan ZKML proof Time 0 to Time Dead.

C elegan 328 neural network. State 0 -> Environment (MUD 土, Digital Physics), -> ZKML MUD. -> State 1 -> Environment (MUD 土, Digital Physics) -> ZKML MUD. -> State 1 .. State DEAD -> ZKML MUD.

This C elegan life was alive onchain. Proved.

GPT 没有达到和 人类一样的复杂水平。

Composible Life: Us and our island.

ALife vs AI (Life)


This project initiates

Digital Humanities zkml identity

CHI Play

Entropacy wikipedia Identities Stanford Phisology

Transworld Identities

True Name -> will


Media: Headworn AR

Technologies: HoloKit Headset, Unity3D, Multipeer Connectivity

Research Topics: Intercorporeality, AI Anthropomorphism


Interaction Engineer: Botao Amber Hu

Interaction Designer: Botao Amber Hu