2017 - 2018

byBotao Amber Hu, Yang Liu


Skywand is an immersive motion control system for aerial cinematography.
It allows the filmmaker to directly design their camera movement in 3D virtual reality by pinning key frames in the air with their hand, and the integration with best aerial cinematography platform (e.g. DJI Inspire 1 / DJI M600) will deploy the drone to execute the shot exactly as they want.

Skywand is an advanced motion control system for aerial cinematography that combines ease of use, repeatability, and precision. Harnessing cutting edge technologies in virtual/augment reality (VR/AR), animation, and drone flight, Skywand allows users to create precise aerial filming plans by intuitively placing key frames in the 3D virtual world that meet all cinematographic needs, and the drone follows the path precisely in the actual world and captures epic, smooth and high precision aerial shots. Filming, not flying. Skywand removes technical barriers to achieving expert drone cinematography by automating the flight process, giving imaginative filmmakers a powerful partner in the sky.


Coit Tower. San Francisco

Repeatable Shot: Morning vs. Night

Transamerica Pyramid

Virtual Plan vs. Real Footage

Shenzhen. China

Long Night Shot: Camera Path Synchronization System

Moab Utah

Red Desert Reel


Media: Interactive VR

Technologies: Unity3D

Research Topics: Mixed Reality Cities


Interaction Engineer: Yang Liu

Concept Designer: Botao Amber Hu

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